Mrs. Smith (Grade level Chair/BSLT)


Mrs. Rebekah Smith


Mrs. Smith
Welcome to Aquafresh!  This is going to be a great year and I am so glad your child is part of my classroom.  This is my sixth year teaching 2nd grade and fifth year as grade level chair.  I have obtained my degree for Masters in Education.  This year is going to be the best yet!  Let's all work hard together and make it another great Aquafresh year!!!!!!!! 

                               Daily Spelling Homework Practice                                    


Write each spelling word five times each.



Write your list of words in alphabetical order.



Use each spelling word and write in a COMPLETE sentence.



Have a family member give you a practice test where you write each word as it is read aloud. 



Weekly Spelling Test Today!


Spelling Words

               Vocabulary Words  and  Read Daily

1. law
2. low
3. boot
4. book
5. doom
6. took
7. allow
8. arrow
9. string
10. spring
11. describe
12. strict

treated: to behave toward or deal with in a certain way
border: a line where one country or or other area ends and another begins
weakened: to grow less strong
strike: to stop work in order to get better pay and working conditions
union: a group of workers who join together to get better pay and working conditions
boycott: to refuse to buy something until workers are treated better
crops: fruits, vegetables, or other plants that are grown on a farm and sold
awarded: to give a prize



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