This Week's Standard:

Fluently divide multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm (or other strategies demonstrating understanding of division) up to a 4-digit by 2- digit factor.


Strategy: Make an array with base 10 blocks


Dividend - the number you are dividing.

1175 / 25 = 47 

Divisor - the amount of times you are dividing

1175 / 25 = 47 

Quotient - the answer to a division problem

1175 / 25 = 47

Vertically - going up and down

Horizontally - going left to right

How it works:

  1. Expand the dividend to see how many and what kind of base 10 blocks you need.

  2. Make an array of the divisor vertically.

  3. Use the remaining blocks to continue your array horizontally.

  4. The amount of groups horizontally is your quotient.

Strategy: Area model


Friendly number-numbers you know how to easily multiply with other numbers (1, 10, 100, 50, 20)

How it works:

  1. Use a friendly number like 100 to make your first area box and put the amount inside the box

  2. Subtract that amount from the dividend

  3. Use another friendly number like 100, 50, or 20 or 10

  4. Subtract that amount from the dividend

  5. Keep subtracting until what is left is smaller than your divisor.

  6. Add up all the groups you made for your answer.

Strategy: Multiplication relationship


Relationship - connection

How it works:

  1. Set up your division problem as a multiplication problem

  2. Choose a number that you can multiply that will closely solve your new problem.  Try friendly numbers.

  3. Keep subtracting your products.

  4. Add up all the numbers you chose for your answer/quotient.

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