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Parent Resources

Welcome to Anderson Elementary Title I Parent's Corner


The purpose of our Parent's Corner is to keep our parents, guardians, and community stakeholders abreast of the latest information regarding our Title I status, resources available from our virtual parent resource center, all pertinent forms that are distributed from our Administration and Parent Liaison, and to keep you up to date on our parental involvement calendar. 

We encourage all of our parents, guardians, and community stakeholders to review all of the information that can be found by clicking the tabs at the top left under "Parent's Corner". The mission of Jewell C. Anderson Elementary School is to encourage creative critical thinkers toward customized paths of success through daily attendance and parental and community support. This Parent's Corner will help to foster the type of support our school needs in order for our children to be successful. 

Should you have any questions about the contents under the Parent's Corner tab please contact Ms. Jivanta Daniel, our Parent Liaison via phone 
(770) 473-3269 ext.129 or email 

What is the Resource Center and More!
What is the Resource Center?

Hello! Welcome to Anderson Elementary School, home of the pirates. Where we strive to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn and grow every day. At Anderson Elementary, our goal is to create an environment of high expectations, impactful learning, a supportive environment, cultural understanding, and authentic connections. At AES, we are devoted to our children's success, both in school and beyond, so that they are well-prepared to participate in the global economy. As a Title 1 school, we will work hard to provide resources and workshops to support students’ self-growth and parents’ involvement in the process. 

I am Jivanta Daniel, and I am proud to introduce myself as your Parent Liaison here at Anderson Elementary School. My mission here is to give parents and families all the tools, information, and resources I have to achieve the best outcome possible. It is my honor and privilege to help parents in whatever way I can while helping to bridge the gap from home to school. Support from the Title I program will include parenting information, monthly calendars, employment resources, academic and educational resources, and much more. All this can be found at our Virtual Parent Resource Center, or the school in our Parent Resource Center, room 110, open Monday through Friday from 8:15 am-2:15 pm M-F. daily.

I hope to see you soon, and have a great year with my Pirates family!

Ji’Vanta Daniel

Title I  Parent Liaison, Anderson Elementary School

Important Parental documents and
downloadable links (Click for More)

Welcome to Anderson Elementary
Parent Resource Center

Resource Catalog

Our Parent Resource Room is open for in-person parent activity. The purpose of our Parent Resource Room also known as "PRC" is to create a safe space for parents to be introduced to educational resources that will help to supplement their children’s in-class curriculum. The PRC has computers for parents who may not have internet at home, books that can be rented, math and reading manipulative games that can be checked out and used at home. We have brochures, flashcards, and other material that can educate our parents on how to help their children with their education. Click the link below to review our resource catalog for what we have available. The PRC hours of operation is 8:15am-2:15pm M-F. The catalog will be updated as we get more resources
Should you have any additional questions please call or email Ms.Daniel.

To view Resource Catalog Click Here

Virtual Parent Workshops On Demand

We know parents and guardians have a very busy schedule and often times they are not available to meet during work hours for critical conversations around their children's academic success. We want all parents to be informed and armed with as much information as possible as they work with their scholars at home. It is to that end that we have created Virtual Parent Workshops "On Demand". These videos were previously recorded but still have relevant information that will aid parents in being successful with helping their child succeed in and out of school.